Nothing is more relaxing than a nice shower after a windy yet terribly hot day in Doha. Nothing is more devastating than the site of your bathroom being absolutely fucking dismantled as if it were a construction site. Nothing is more tempting than to call HR at a moment like this and yell at them … More Surprise!

Merci, Agnès Varda

Scrolling down my Facebook news feed, I saw JR posted a picture of him and Varda with the caption ‘’For my shooting star, wherever you are’’. I knew  in that  moment that she had passed. As I tried to verify my assumption about Agnès, I felt tears welling up in my eyes. To be honest, … More Merci, Agnès Varda

Jealous Feels Day

So I have been watching a lot of vloggers (excuse me if I am not using the correct terms) on YouTube and I am growing more and more discontent with my life. Why do they live in such pretty houses? Like, how can they afford a nice house when it looks like the only day … More Jealous Feels Day