Flat White And An Honest Post

WordPress has just congratulated me for six years of blogging. Which means I started the blog three years before I moved to Doha. When I was still living in the horrible, small apartment and when the blog was named orange shoes talking because I thought it was a cool name. And, I can tell you, … Continue reading Flat White And An Honest Post

Hoteliers: Are We Ok?

I have worked in hotels all my life but sometimes I wonder, when I say, I'm passionate about the industry, are people laughing internally? Think about it. What kind of an idiot would be passionate about a job that makes you: Work over-time Work over-time and not get paid for the over-time Work double shift … Continue reading Hoteliers: Are We Ok?

”How do I look?”

The other day, our external auditors and I were having lunch when one of them asked me "How old are you?''. ''I recently turned 25'', I replied. My response was met with ''OH!''. But not the Oh that says ''Oh you look like you're 18!''. More like ''Damn girl, you look like you're 27!''. And … Continue reading ”How do I look?”

Why I admire French culture

Not because, the French are so chic, effortless in everything they do, perfectly unperfect..(by the way, they are all these things)… I do read a lot about the French culture and one thing that I see repeated many times is that they accept themselves for who they are. They accept their flaws. They don't cover … Continue reading Why I admire French culture

Channel your inner Sabina Socol

So I was going through my Pinterest and a picture of Sabina Socol pops up. This one to be exact: So, I put her name on Pinterest, and all the results have two things in common: Effortless, chic French style and her nipples. Yeah, I can see her nipples. In all the pictures. Okay, almost … Continue reading Channel your inner Sabina Socol

It’s only the end of the world!

Or Juste la fin du monde, in French. I find the title alone remarkable. The movie starts with Louie (Gaspard Ulliel), a playwright, paying a visit to his family after years of absence. He seems to have cut them off from his life and is only returning back to inform them of his terminal illness. … Continue reading It’s only the end of the world!

What on earth is an Vitamin IV drip?

So, I watch a lot of random things on YouTube because sometimes I really have nothing better to do. And I think it's a healthy habit because sometimes it's not a complete waste of time and gives me something to write or rant about. This week, I watched a series called ''What On Earth Is … Continue reading What on earth is an Vitamin IV drip?

What the fuck is Libby?

Libby, which sounds almost like an actual human name, is anything but a person. It's an app that allows me to read on the go, whenever I want, wherever I want. I love Libby because I love reading. Link I always hear people saying, ''Oh, I love to read, but I just don't have time.'' … Continue reading What the fuck is Libby?