Apparently, food festivals aren’t really about selling mouth watering delicious food for cheap price. What it is about is marketing your company or your brand. Purely that. And selling shit (well, sort of) food for more money. So if you’re thinking you’re going to go to food festivals and enjoy ah-mazing food, you’re shit out […]

It looks like a neat space but don’t let the perfectly orange coloured wall fool you. The room is quite normal and a bit bland if you ask me. I am surprised that the picture turned out nice despite me using no filters to edit it and using my very old iPhone 5. Everyone’s on […]

After my last post ‘Botox or boob job’, I noticed that there were more likes on this post than on the one before. (Can you imagine? The last one was about sex and no one read it)I always thought that likes on any of my post don’t really matter. Or do they? A day later, […]

I was having a casual conversation with a long time friend of mine, when she mentioned she is contemplating getting a filler. Naturally, an eyebrow was raised. I tried to raise one. I don’t know if I succeeded. She’s a model. So I wonder why someone as good looking as her would want to alter […]

Ever wondered what sex would feel like in a weird place? Say…an elevator maintenance room? Well, I have never. But I have heard what it feels like.   You must have a blanket or a sheet to lay down on the floor. Unless….. ………’re planning to do it against the wall. Sometimes your hearts stops […]

I knew it was going to be a great day. When I woke up, there was so much mist outside i couldn’t make out the nearest house. I sat in the middle of the bus so in case my fantasy of being in a horrible accident in the bus came true, i would be injured […]

I am sure you already saw this, with all the fuss (in a good way) made with the “time’s up” and “me too” hashtags at the golden globes and all them pretty ladies dressed in black. But if you didn’t I’d like you to hear this part particularly: Angelina’s speech. I am not a big […]

Now that I have moved to Finance, the hardest thing is waking up at the crack of dawn (6’o clock in human hours) and making the 10 seconds quick paced walk to the bathroom downstairs. That’s it. I mean, of course there is or there will be some stress workwise but nothing that would make […]

Working for the Finance department feels ah-mazzinnngg. No more standing all day long. I am not scared anymore of the probability of a drunk local taking out a gun and shooting me. Or driving his car through the main door. (That actually happened). No more starting your shift when people are ending theirs. And always […]

So, there was a cake in my fridge. I assume it was caramel. It was untouched. It was for the birthday of a housemate. And it was living in the fridge for one month. I say living because it had acquired a housemate status by now. When I came back from Tbilisi, I was absolutely […]

I am in Tblisi at the moment so the general expectation would be that I write a helpful blog on the topic. I will do that, I just needed to say something first. A few weeks ago during a conversation, a friend remarked that I was too close to my mother. I asked him why […]

Today, I saw an email sent by one of important people that work for the company. The email is very nice, very professional, great ideas, yada yada yada. Except for one problem: The email has hashtags in it. For some reason. I am confused. It is an OFFICIAL email.  It is sent to EMPLOYEES, NOT […]

I was at Pearl Qatar today to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Yeah I know, I just threw someone a party a few weeks ago, which TOTALLY flopped by the way. But I like celebrating other people’s birthday as much as I hate celebrating my own. The place we chose was Shakespere & co. Yeah, I […]

Racist customers be like: “I did not feel welcome at your hotel. Your staff made me feel unwelcome at your hotel. Is it because I am (insert nationality)? Your staff is very racist! I also think you have too many Indian stuff that you should get rid off. They are completely disaster!“. So you want […]

(Livin’. Like livin’ on a prayer. Get it? Oh okay.) I don’t mind living with housemates. I wouldn’t change the house that I live in. It’s comfy, it’s big, we have a kitchen and we have a proper sitting room with rat-colored sofas but who cares? It is big. I like it. It is like […]