Newly weds

Why would annoying newly weds put up something like this as their Facebook status? A virtual cookie for anyone who can guess what it means!

Sometimes I Wish I Had A D***

I am going to be a total biatch and say what's exactly on my mind: I think old people should be blocked from Facebook. The "Old people" in question is my Nan. Once upon a time, I thought of her as cool. Once upon a time, I was very naive. If you see her, you … Continue reading Sometimes I Wish I Had A D***

A Letter To My Boss’s Mistress

Dear Mistress, I hope you're having just another one of your lazy days. Again. I'm writing this to you because I have been going over this and over this in my mind and I just can't contain these feelings no more. I think when I say this, I speak for all of us at work: … Continue reading A Letter To My Boss’s Mistress

The Fault In Our Trends

Reading Just Joolzac's post the other day made me think of how day by day we are becoming more stuupid. Anything that generates even a slight buzz in the social media, catches our attention, irrespective of how stuupid the trend is. Stuupid trends gotta go. You can still follow them if you want. Just don't blame … Continue reading The Fault In Our Trends

Blog Tember Challenge: Day Thirteen

Sept 29th: What are your go-to blogging resources? What would you recommend to a beginner? I'm a Google child. I'm sorry. Please, young, blooming bloggers, don't follow this. I goggle everything. Everything. I don't have a particular blog site that I go to. I just Google what I don't understand. Like I Googled the hell … Continue reading Blog Tember Challenge: Day Thirteen

First Guest Blog: Photos before Facebook

After being asked by a few to guest blog, I eventually realized that a time will come when I'll have to ask someone to do the same.The time has come.I couldn't be happier that my very first guest blogger is none other than A Reflective Student's Leona! Like her namesake Leona Lewis, she's from Britain … Continue reading First Guest Blog: Photos before Facebook

She uses FUCK a lot

Yes, I know that a lot of y'all out there don't use it anymore because Facebook is so 2010. Instead y'all have switched to twitter. I think y'all have made a wise decision. 140 words equals less bullshit so brava to Jack Dorsey and his team. I'll stop with the y'alls now. There are people … Continue reading She uses FUCK a lot

Just because everyone’s doing it on Facebook

My news feed is filled with Gaza related statuses and most of my native buddies have replaced their pouty-faced profile pictures with others that show support for Gaza. These trends, these freaking trends. They always start as being okay at first, but sooner or later turn into leeches that suck my blood whenever I see them.This is definitely the sooner case. Since it is … Continue reading Just because everyone’s doing it on Facebook