NoCoffeefor30Days: What I learned

FINALLY. I am happy that I completed the challenge. It wasn't hard. IT WAS SO HARD. Initially, inhibiting intake of the drug did cause countless headaches. There were times where the withdrawal symptoms were so severe, I wondered whether I was quitting coffee or cocaine. But it was all worth it in the end. WHAT … Continue reading NoCoffeefor30Days: What I learned


Sorry I ignored you, Taylor Swift

Dear everyone who has ever read any post of mine, If i ever offer any advice of any sort to you, on this blog or in person, please do NOT listen to a word i have said. I say this with a very serious face (which you can't see because I don't do Vlogs. It … Continue reading Sorry I ignored you, Taylor Swift

Something that matters

When I think of things I learned at school, I get a hazy memory of Pythagoras theorem, various physics formulas, laws and experiments and hurried essays written in English classes. But really, apart from that, what did i learn at school that i still use today? What did you learn? I have only been schooled … Continue reading Something that matters