The young Pope says that he renounces his fellow men and women because it is easier to love God than to love humans. He said that he was incapable of withstanding the suffering brought on by loving human beings. He said to the Swiss girl, that it would be wonderful to love her the way … More Love 


He said “You just need attention”. Attention: The act of dealing with or taking special care of something or someone And she wondered, what was so wrong with that?

Lost loves

Growing up, we use adjectives to describe ourselves. Adjectives we feel strongly about. Music lover. Fashionista. So on and forth. We hold on to these adjectives like anything, like they are engraved into our skins, like we would never separate from them. And then LIFE happens. You get older. Busier, no time for any of these … More Lost loves

The Dating Game

I am on season 3 of Sex and The City and I had an epiphany: I didn’t quite like the show. I had never seen the show before this. I remember having HBO at home, but I don’t remember the show being played. Probably because the content is too much for the people of Pakistan, … More The Dating Game

This V-day…

No, this is not another lovey-dovey post for Valentine’s day. I don’t do sappy. I normally detest events that involve one way transactions; me  having to splurge on gifts for my loved ones. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving gifts.My wallet doesn’t. The whole process makes her feel a bit “empty”. But just because … More This V-day…

Love is ?

I literally grew up watching Grey’s anatomy. A lot of people (read, my family) assumed that my liking to the show had something to do with me becoming a doctor. Not true.  And let’s face it, it was more about Meredith’s love life then doctors dealing with patients all the time. There was an episode that has stayed … More Love is ?