”How do I look?”

The other day, our external auditors and I were having lunch when one of them asked me “How old are you?”. ”I recently turned 25”, I replied. My response was met with ”OH!”. But not the Oh that says ”Oh you look like you’re 18!”. More like ”Damn girl, you look like you’re 27!”. And … More ”How do I look?”

What if

You were travelling to a country with an opposite culture to that of your native country? How would you dress and behave?  Example: the country requires that must cover your head with a scarf. Response A: when in rome, do as the romans do Response B: nah! This isn’t a part of any research so … More What if

Big Boys Don’t Cry

Three years ago, somewhere in the middle of sociology class, I had an epiphany. Hey! I should take up Gender Studies! It seemed like the most obvious thing to do. Any article online that had the word “gender” or “gay”, awoke the curious rabbit inside of me who won’t stop jumping until I had memorized … More Big Boys Don’t Cry