Confidence, Insecurity & Perfection

I am awfully exhausted after a French class that I clearly failed to make a good first impression in but I just had to get these thoughts out: On the way back home today, I was thinking about a conversation I had had earlier with a friend of mine about people not being confident enough … Continue reading Confidence, Insecurity & Perfection

NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 14

Finally. It's been 2 weeks. Yes, it definitely feels like 2 bloody weeks. 2 more to go. So far, I have noticed a few changes. Like easier bowel movements. No, really. Sorry if I am grossing you out. And zero pimples on my face. Like, literally zero. Although I'm not sure if that's linked to … Continue reading NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 14

”How do I look?”

The other day, our external auditors and I were having lunch when one of them asked me "How old are you?''. ''I recently turned 25'', I replied. My response was met with ''OH!''. But not the Oh that says ''Oh you look like you're 18!''. More like ''Damn girl, you look like you're 27!''. And … Continue reading ”How do I look?”

Why I admire French culture

Not because, the French are so chic, effortless in everything they do, perfectly unperfect..(by the way, they are all these things)… I do read a lot about the French culture and one thing that I see repeated many times is that they accept themselves for who they are. They accept their flaws. They don't cover … Continue reading Why I admire French culture

Cherry blossom trees in Qatar!

I heard about the Chinese Festival at MIA through a brochure passed to me by a co-worker. And even though I had only checked out Doha Time Out a few days ago, there was nothing mentioned about this on the site. Funny, don't you think? Regardless, it was crowded enough. Specially on the third day, … Continue reading Cherry blossom trees in Qatar!

Karachi Cultural Festival at AFK

I had an amazing week. No, really, I did. I went to a cultural festival that was not too crowded and surprisingly, fun. L'hotel has been busy as fuck, crawling with foreigners from all over the world to see an exhibition of arms, ammunition and weapons, paying for ridiculously priced hotel rooms. Even the stupid event … Continue reading Karachi Cultural Festival at AFK

Big Boys Don’t Cry

Three years ago, somewhere in the middle of sociology class, I had an epiphany. Hey! I should take up Gender Studies! It seemed like the most obvious thing to do. Any article online that had the word "gender" or "gay", awoke the curious rabbit inside of me who won't stop jumping until I had memorized … Continue reading Big Boys Don’t Cry

Blog Tember Challenge: Day Nine

Sept 23rd: A guide to your city! Share some of the hot-spots and hidden gems of where you live. Hearing Pakistan's name and specially Karachi's name on the news, makes you think of only negative thoughts. Call it bad luck or fate but sadly my beloved country's and Karachi's name is interlinked with the words … Continue reading Blog Tember Challenge: Day Nine

Does Katy have no soul?

I have been a fan of Katy Perry since "I kissed a girl". No, it wasn't because I had fantasies of my own to kiss a female (or did I?) but I have always liked people who are bold and are not afraid to speak their minds (dirty or otherwise). I have been a fan … Continue reading Does Katy have no soul?