Why I admire French culture

Not because, the French are so chic, effortless in everything they do, perfectly unperfect..(by the way, they are all these things)…

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I do read a lot about the French culture and one thing that I see repeated many times is that they accept themselves for who they are. They accept their flaws. They don’t cover themselves in six layers of foundation or clothes that don’t appeal to their figure. Instead, they find ways around their flaws but they accept that they are not perfect. No one is supposed to be.

It’s something that most cultures lack. Our culture is too busy asking us to be like the cover girls in the glossy magazines. It’s too busy forcing us to buy the latest iPhone or the Fenty products or other materialistic things that don’t really matter. It’s not teaching us to accept our flaws. Instead, we encouraged to be like other people. The more we compare ourselves to others, the less confident we feel about ourselves. How can you compare yourself to other people when all of us are different? Why are we pushed to look like Angelina Jolie but not to adopt her wonderful character traits for example, humility and compassion?

Our culture is not encouraging us to celebrate our uniqueness. Why do you think so many young girls are so insecure when they are constantly being told they are not skinny enough or not this enough or not that enough?

All our values are materialistic when they shouldn’t be. We have got to get our priorities right.

I read this quote from a great book called Tuesdays with Morrie and I couldn’t help but add it in this post:

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It’s something I admire most in French people, for having a culture that is more accepting of oneself.

I am not asking you to not have insecurities. To not have them, would be not human like. And then maybe you’d turn into a narcist and I really don’t want that.

Learn to accept your flaws. Learn to accept your insecurities. Learn to accept and love yourself as you are. Love your unruly hair. Love your freckles. Love your body the way it is. Love your small boobs. Love yourself and revel in it.

You are you. Why would you want to be someone else?


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