The P word

I have got a problem. I have got to stop talking about being healthy and shit. I mean, not on the blog! God, no. But in real life. I think people are starting to get annoyed. I have noticed that people are open to talk about most things. They can talk about the ”P” word … More The P word

Shakespere & Co.

I was at Pearl Qatar today to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Yeah I know, I just threw someone a party a few weeks ago, which TOTALLY flopped by the way. But I like celebrating other people’s birthday as much as I hate celebrating my own. The place we chose was Shakespere & co. Yeah, I … More Shakespere & Co.

Souq Waqif: Tajine

If you’re not Moroccan and want to try a different cuisine this week, I recommend Tajeen or Tajin in Souq Waqif. You may have heard of it, it was closed for a while now but they have finished all the necessary renovations and are ready to go. Best to sit? Rooftop, no questions. Specially during … More Souq Waqif: Tajine


So yesterday at work, I’m talking to an American guest of mine about ordering food online. He’s a great guy who’s here on business and I really hope he succeeds in getting people interested in the whole shopping-online business. I mean, if there’s anywhere it can thrive, it’s here. Karachi people be too lazy. So … More Pete-Za!

Yeah, I Have No Class

It beats me how someone working in the hospitality industry for three years can be so awkward on one on one interactions. Really, I have disappointed myself. Besides emotionally blackmailing my boss to give me annual leaves, the other achievement of the week was that I went on a date.   (Source) We wanted to try … More Yeah, I Have No Class