Not that sort of quickie, you perv. Just wanted to give a small update of the vacation that will soon come to an end. Btw, “Never have I ever” been this happy to announce the end of one. Hmm maybe I should have titled the post “Never have I ever”, but then again, I do … More Quickie

Proficient Enough?

I am sure you all are aware of my brilliant scheme to flee to Canada soon. In order to do that I must overcome certain hurdles; one of them is having to take IELTS. I am unable to find another GIF that would explain my feelings more accurately. And why should I give this exam anyway? … More Proficient Enough?

But I am not angry.

A few weeks ago my mother went to the passport office with my little brother (15 years old) to get him a new passport before his current one expires. All citizens of Pakistan should have a valid passport at all times; you never know when you may need to flee the country. However, the attempt to … More But I am not angry.

I successfully predicted this year’s Oscars. Well, three of them at least. Made me feel immensely proud, like Now they owe me an Oscar too. But the Osars isn’t what I want to talk of tonight. Ms. Sharmeen Obai Chinoy from Pakistan was nominated for for the best short documentary and managed to win again, … More

I do, I do. Do you?

My best-friend from high school sent me a Facebook message yesterday that she got engaged and was hoping I would be there at the wedding. ACHA. My best-friend from high school. We haven’t really been in touch over the years but I guess it was a very nice gesture on her part. Because I could … More I do, I do. Do you?

Guess Who’s Back?

Hello to all my lovely readers and specially to those who have actually noticed I have been away. I have missed being here. I was busy. No, scratch that- I did not make enough time for writing and that’s a shame. It’s  one of the things I do for myself. What have I been upto?  … More Guess Who’s Back?

And also, what if people are just pouring warm water over there heads?

This is going to be a very quick, apology post. Sort of. This post is triggered by a comment from a Hugxheart, who I admire for speaking out to something she thought is wrong. Check out her blog, she seems like and is a very sweet person and I’m sure she meant well when she … More And also, what if people are just pouring warm water over there heads?