”How do I look?”

The other day, our external auditors and I were having lunch when one of them asked me "How old are you?''. ''I recently turned 25'', I replied. My response was met with ''OH!''. But not the Oh that says ''Oh you look like you're 18!''. More like ''Damn girl, you look like you're 27!''. And … Continue reading ”How do I look?”


How is life in Qatar really after the diplomatic crisis?

"What it is like to live under siege?" I read that headline somewhere. The opening line was about how people are living in Qatar after the recent diplomatic crisis. Of course, it is true that all business has been affected and will continue to be so unless the countries involved try and come up with … Continue reading How is life in Qatar really after the diplomatic crisis?

Something that matters

When I think of things I learned at school, I get a hazy memory of Pythagoras theorem, various physics formulas, laws and experiments and hurried essays written in English classes. But really, apart from that, what did i learn at school that i still use today? What did you learn? I have only been schooled … Continue reading Something that matters

Still Sarcastic, Still Bitchy

The other day I was having a conversation with someone about the purpose of life. I'm the worst person in the world to have this conversation with. Despite admitting on this blog that said book has changed my life, I am still a sarcastic, pessimistic bitch at times. Hey, wounds don't heal that soon, people! … Continue reading Still Sarcastic, Still Bitchy

La Vie a Bangkok: That dog is human

For a very short while in August 2011, my family and I lost our sanity and moved to the crazy beautiful and crazy city of Bangkok. Our decision to cross continents was très rapide and très dramatique et emotional: We departed our beloved country on its Independence Day. I only spent three months in Bangkok … Continue reading La Vie a Bangkok: That dog is human