Living In Doha

Doha. A city that I would call home one day. How did this happen? “A person who longs to leave the place where he lives is an unhappy person.”- Milan Kundera. This was me, back home. I can remember being eight or nine years old and wanting to leave my home country. I don't really … Continue reading Living In Doha

Picasso & Giacometti at a fire station

Visiting a fire station may not be the ideal way to spend a day off from work. But it also wasn't your normal fire station. The building that I visited today is known as Doha Fire station and it was an actual one up until 2012, when the building was given to Qatar Museums. It … Continue reading Picasso & Giacometti at a fire station

European Jazz Festival in Katara Village

Had I not indulged into a friendly chat with Mr. Rolf, I would not have known of this musical (magical)night taking place in Katara. Well done, Doha Time Out, you have disappointed me once again! The 3rd European Jazz festival took place in the Cultural Village on Monday evening. Essentially, it was a five day … Continue reading European Jazz Festival in Katara Village

Kulfi towers and Gandhi’s Monkeys

I remember looking at this picture in a tour guide book for Doha and thinking : A) What the hell is that? (It's a dovecot/Piegon hole thang?) B) and why the hell did it look by one of Pakistan's most loved desserts, kulfi? Upright, of course. Minus the holes, it does really look like two … Continue reading Kulfi towers and Gandhi’s Monkeys