Nothing is more relaxing than a nice shower after a windy yet terribly hot day in Doha. Nothing is more devastating than the site of your bathroom being absolutely fucking dismantled as if it were a construction site. Nothing is more tempting than to call HR at a moment like this and yell at them … More Surprise!


The young Pope says that he renounces his fellow men and women because it is easier to love God than to love humans. He said that he was incapable of withstanding the suffering brought on by loving human beings. He said to the Swiss girl, that it would be wonderful to love her the way … More Love 


It’s no surprise that we Pakistanis grow up with a great exposure to Indian dance, cinema and music. I am not a fan to be honest but I am familiar with most of them specially those who are considered legends. One of them is Asha Bhosle. I hardly remember any of her songs now but … More Aasha


I finally managed to see one of Doha’s top tourist spots and I couldn’t be happier. I went to the Museum of Islamic Arts yesterday and I am still simply in awe of the beautiful architecture. I read somewhere that the architect who built it didn’t want to build a museum in the middle of … More MIA

False Sky

Just thought I’d share some pictures from a mall called Villagio. To cut things short, it’s a pretty little mall, with all the big brand names you can think of. There’s a cinema too and generally all popular food outlets can easily be spotted here. They have also created a false sky, so when you … More False Sky