Why I Shop Less

There's only two things you can do for fun in Doha: Go to a mall or go to a bar. On account of being a "good" girl, I chose the former. Also, anyone who drinks before 12:00 pm has a problem. Except, of course, for Brunch. After my surprisingly pleasant experience with my embassy, I … Continue reading Why I Shop Less


My nails look better than my face

I'm serious. I will also end this post with a picture (not of my face- which some of you have already seen, but of my nails). My girlfriend and I went to a Salon to get our nails done. You see, we wanted to pretend we live well and spend time taking care of our … Continue reading My nails look better than my face

Why everyone hates Doha but I don’t

I have never met anyone, except myself, who doesn't hate Doha. Qataris excluded, because I have never met one, all the other residents truly hate it. All the conversations are about what a shit place it is and how they desperately want to move somewhere else. I don't really blame them. There's not a lot … Continue reading Why everyone hates Doha but I don’t

Picasso & Giacometti at a fire station

Visiting a fire station may not be the ideal way to spend a day off from work. But it also wasn't your normal fire station. The building that I visited today is known as Doha Fire station and it was an actual one up until 2012, when the building was given to Qatar Museums. It … Continue reading Picasso & Giacometti at a fire station

I have got these feelings for you

I do not like discriminating against certain nationalities but some people really give their countries a bad name. Pyramids, for example, works in our Finance department. Finance and Front Office is always at war so it is not surprising that Pyramids and I are not besties. Apart from that, he also suffers Stage 10 superiority complex. … Continue reading I have got these feelings for you

European Jazz Festival in Katara Village

Had I not indulged into a friendly chat with Mr. Rolf, I would not have known of this musical (magical)night taking place in Katara. Well done, Doha Time Out, you have disappointed me once again! The 3rd European Jazz festival took place in the Cultural Village on Monday evening. Essentially, it was a five day … Continue reading European Jazz Festival in Katara Village

I am Tom-Cruise-Happy

Tomorrow marks two months of being in Doha. Perfect timing for a post!! Understandably, a lot has changed. For the good? Let's hope so. I no longer drink chai like I used to drink it in Pakistan. I think it's possible that I was using chai as an alternate to water, even if it is hot … Continue reading I am Tom-Cruise-Happy

Not a Madame, not a lady

When it comes to work ethic, Arabs are not exactly the first people that come to your mind. For some reason in most Arabic countries, they are very laid back. And that's perfectly acceptable. They are not lazy, it's just the Arab way. I will be there at 10'o clock translates to sometime between ten and … Continue reading Not a Madame, not a lady

I almost sent him to jail

A cute french guy comes up to me at work and asks, "Is it okay if I smoke outside?". I shot him an amazing smile and laughed. "Are you fasting? Yeah, didn't think so. Go ahead! It's okay!".   *********************************************   Later that afternoon while I related to my roommate about my French guy scenario.. … Continue reading I almost sent him to jail

I left my shoes in San Francisco

The first thing I bought in Doha were heels. You're wondering Doha. Equals desert. Equals a lot of walking. Equals comfortable shoes. Right? Heels are the last thing any sane person will spend on. But I bought heels. Because I had left every heel I own in Pakistan. Infact, I only bought three shoes with … Continue reading I left my shoes in San Francisco

Kulfi towers and Gandhi’s Monkeys

I remember looking at this picture in a tour guide book for Doha and thinking : A) What the hell is that? (It's a dovecot/Piegon hole thang?) B) and why the hell did it look by one of Pakistan's most loved desserts, kulfi? Upright, of course. Minus the holes, it does really look like two … Continue reading Kulfi towers and Gandhi’s Monkeys