Bite me, I love Carrie bradshaw!

People love to hate. Celebrities, even more. And fictional characters, even more. True, some people are just asking for it (see Justin Beiber). But there are some who don’t deserve it. Oh I don’t fictional characters?

Unlike in the US & A, Sex and the city wasn’t that big here. It used to be aired at some godforsaken hour at the middle of the night where only a seldom few got to watch it. I was one of the seldom few.

Personally, I have always liked Carrie and the show. It was the ultimate chick show loved by millions and millions of women because these four women represented what women want, how they are and what they like. We all loved it at some point in our lives, even if you’re too cool to admit it.

I came across an article on Elle titled “How I learned Carrie Bradshaw was full of shit“. The person who wrote it is an Editor at Elle. She talks about how at a time she believed she was a real life Carrie but soon grew up to hate her. And it just wasn’t her; there was a whole list of articles in the internet, hating on Carrie. I was surprised. No, really.

I thought women in New York and generally, US & A worship her

Apparently, I was living in an illusion.

So I read those articles hoping to wake up from the Carrie-trance I was in, because obviously she was absolutely the worst. I was let down, however, since all of them listed more or less the same reasons.

Carrie’s fashion sense isn’t all that
*crosses hands behind her, looks down and traces circles with her feet*
I had to hand this to the haters. She may know fashion brands and maybe able to name all of them before I can say snapchat but not all her looks were appealing. Some even just horrifying.

Carrie is selfish

Okay, so how do I put this without you all hating me? Realistically, you have to be a bit selfish. In relationships, at work, just a tad bit, just a pinch.

And you know, you have to ask yourself would you have liked her had she been selfless and over the top forgiving nun? No. The very same you would have hated her for being a sappy bitch.

Her life revolves around men
And that she’s desperate for love.


Yes, I have never heard of a woman who desperately seeks her prince charming. *rolls eyes*

No matter how famous or successful you get, you always need that one person. Someone you love and someone who loves you back. Someone to wake up to and someone to go to bed with.

Some girls are the needy type. They need a man to complete them. But what do you expect? The girl had a big LOVE sign in her fucking apartment.

Maybe she should have cut down a bit on the love love love talk.

Carrie cheated on Big
Cheating is unforgivable. But if Big forgave her, so should we. Also, we have all made mistakes that we aren’t proud of. Should we really be judged by that one mistake? I wouldn’t like to be judged by the choice of my first boyfriend.


Carrie is irresponsible with money
This may come as a surprise to you, but not all women are good with money. In fact, some of them would splurge all of it on clothes instead of necessities without thinking twice. Hence, the term SHOPAHOLIC.

And speaking of shopaholics, I didn’t hear you criticise Isla Fischer. So you don’t really have a problem with shopaholics, just Carrie being Carrie.


She forced Big to commit when he wasn’t ready to

Yes, she forced him. Like. Most. Women. Do. Because he was a stubborn ass. Like. Most. Men. Are. Is it really the first time you have witnessed such a scenario?

Don’t judge, we have all been there. Remember the guy you were so in love with you would have ran away from home had he asked you to? Remember that kind of love where you so desperately need someone like a gulp of oxygen? Love was like that for her. And like every normal girl, she wanted her man to make a commitment to her. Every girl wants her own Bradley Cooper. What’s so irritating about that?


I don’t find her irritating at all. In fact, I think it’s remarkable that she easily admits her flaws and weakness when most of us won’t have the courage to do so. Her love life maybe a bit dramatic for you but honey, they weren’t going to get ratings had they swapped her love life with yours. Or mine. Her characteristics come of as being a bit too exaggerated but that’s okay. You know, since she’s a fictional character? Created for entertainment?

In the end all I can say is, don’t write stupid articles in magazines with a viewership of millions about how much you hate your childhood idol. Just comes of as a childish whine.

She’s a fictional character, for God’s sake. You can do so much better.


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25 thoughts on “Bite me, I love Carrie bradshaw!

  1. Well said! Sex and the City was also a comedy – which some people seem to forget. The characters and situations were exaggerated for comic effect.

    It was a TV series with women at the centre of it and there are too few of those


    1. Exactly. You have put my whole perspective on this into one simple sentence: that certain parts were exxagerated. ( I kind of feel dumb for writing a big post now 😦 )
      Thank you for reading though.
      What’s surprising is that a lot of people who find her annoying and the show to be a complete waste, call themselves feminist. But why would you berate a show based on women and their problems, if you’re a feminist?


  2. Best. Post. Ever.
    Not even kidding – recently I started watching sex and the city (this one, with ma gurl SJP) and CARRIE BRADSHAW IS DA BOMB).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My partner Teresa introduced me to Sex and the City when we first got together 14 years ago, and I admit I always thought there was WAY too much heterosexual sex on the show but, on the other hand, I have always liked all the “girls” and their individual and collective oddities. So there – that’s what an old lesbian thinks about it!! 🙂


    1. Hahaha yes maybe a bit too much of sex and other love talk!
      Hahah lovely to hear your perspective, love! There aren’t many shows in which they show lesbian couples do they? Except glee maybe.


  4. I grew up not even thinking about watching the series because it wasn’t appropriate for me. Then I saw the movies first..but when a couple of months ago I got bored and started watching the series out of curiosity, I became OBSESSED. And it surprised me because I’m NOTHING like that or the kind of person who would like that kind of show. It did bother me the fact that everything revolved about men and sex but’s not called Sex and the city for nothing. Now I don’t watch it anymore because I think I’ve seen almost all the episodes but as much as I hate to admit it, I did became obsessed with it at some moment. And even though she was stupid sometimes, I loved Carrie, especially her writing.

    Great post seriously, I enjoyed it very much!


    1. Minne, same here! I never imagined a girl like me could fall for a show like that. It’s all fashion, men, sex and BFF. I am not like that. But I did fall for the show.
      I guess there’s a tiny girly girl in all of us!
      I was a bit reluctant on writing this post but judging from the feedback I’m getting.. I should have written it sooner!
      Thanks so much for commenting love! I appreciate comments more than likes :*


  5. I’m right with ya. I love Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City. Always have, always will. (Haha can you tell from my blog?) Haters wanna hate, probably because it’s click bait! (Yay, it rhymes!)


  6. I LOVE Carrie Bradshaw. I have the entire DVD collection of all Sex and the City shows plus the movies. As a total shoe lover, I can relate to her very much… and when her wedding was canceled in the 1st movie, my heart broke. It reminded me of a bad breakup in my past. And it’s not easy for a show to create characters that we can connect to so deeply.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you share my love for her!

      Ah a shoe lover too? Like me! ❤

      Yeah her acting was really good. The way she beats him with the bouquet.. It's just a bouquet but at moments like these you just can't help yourself!

      Oh I'm really sorry to hear that. She does find her way eventually. I hope you did too! Thank you for reading this and following my blog. How did you find me? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. High five shoe lover! I’m totally fascinated by all sorts of shoes, they’re beautiful in their existence, and whenever I come across a nice pair on the web, it’ll make my day!

        Thanks for the words, very kind! Yes I’ve found my way and am enjoying a great relationship. 🙂 I read your guest post on Amanda’s blog, it’s an awesome read so I hopped over. I’ve never been to Thailand before, but I’m a total control freak when speaking about bathrooms… I can’t even stand the suspicious “water” on the floor, so I could imagine how gross the motel’s malfunctioning one was!


  7. Oh that’s how! Sorry, I was just curious.
    I’m normally NOT a control freak but there are some places where I just draw the line. It’s just NOT okay to not have a flush in the toilet. JUST. NOT. OKAY.

    Thanks for writing to me though. Hopefully you’ll be dropping by more often!

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  8. Great post! I just live Carrie Bradshaw. Although I do agree that some of her fashion choices are a bit over the top.


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