Channel your inner Sabina Socol

So I was going through my Pinterest and a picture of Sabina Socol pops up. This one to be exact: So, I put her name on Pinterest, and all the results have two things in common: Effortless, chic French style and her nipples. Yeah, I can see her nipples. In all the pictures. Okay, almost … Continue reading Channel your inner Sabina Socol

I Like Big Boobs And I Can Not Lie

So there's a rumour circulating in my department that I am drawn to women. And specially women with big tits. For some reason, this has come as a surprise to them, that a perfectly straight (perfect and straight) girl like me is openly appreciating a member of the same sex. For some reason, this is something … Continue reading I Like Big Boobs And I Can Not Lie

The Power Of Our Tits

I saw my new uniform yesterday and though I don't look that bad in it because my face is nice, I hated it. The sole reason to get us out of coats and make us wear nice, smart blazers was to ensure that girls looked like girls with girlish bodies and men looked like men … Continue reading The Power Of Our Tits

Guess Who’s Back?

Hello to all my lovely readers and specially to those who have actually noticed I have been away. I have missed being here. I was busy. No, scratch that- I did not make enough time for writing and that's a shame. It's  one of the things I do for myself.What have I been upto? I don't … Continue reading Guess Who’s Back?