What the fuck is HYGGE?

And the second big question is: How the fuck do we pronounce it?

I was searching for a book to read on the app, Libby. While looking for a cookbook for a plant based diet, I came across a cover that looked like this:


The little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

I’m not sure if it was the amount of blue used in the cover or the cover just being fucking spectacular on it’s own, that compelled me to read this book. Don’t be fooled by the illustration on the cover that makes it look like a children’s book. It is not.

Also, the illustration is amazing.

So the book talks about Hygge…(no kidding) which is pronounced ”Hue-guh” or ”Hue-gaa” as I have heard some people here on the internet refer to it. Take your pick, I would stick with the first. I say it with a thick Danish accent to make me sound extra Danish.

The audiobook starts with you being able to hear people laugh. What do you think of when you hear laughter? People having fun. And I think that is what the book is about: gaining pleasure by doing the simple things.

Hygge is many things. It is about feeling cosy by burying yourself in a cozy blanket. It is about having meaningful conversation. It is about being present.

Image result for what is hygge


It is about doing something simple that gives you joy. However, shopping does not count.

The best thing: Danes are crazy about them candles. Like, literally crazy. I think that’s quite nice.

I mean, unless you burn down your house because of it. Then there would be no more Hygge.

The idea is contagious though. I light my candles every day now.


What the book talks about isn’t a concept, but more of a way of life. And enjoying life by doing small things that give us pleasure. It teaches us to always be in the moment.

There are somethings that I really don’t agree with.

Like stuffing your face with cake all the time.

Image result for stuffing your cake gif


That’s probably because a) I don’t have a sweet tooth and b) because of the semi-plant based diet. But mostly because of a).

I can’t exactly put on warm socks and sit by the fireplace (as mentioned in the book) to Hygge because I live in Qatar and that’s not the way to Hygge here. But I can turn off my phone, light a candle, and read a nice book. It doesn’t have to be something big.

But I do recommend you to read it. I laughed in the first ten seconds of listening to the book and every now and then between chapters. It’s a light book and it made me feel joy and made me want to Hygge.

So Hygge away, guys!





2 thoughts on “What the fuck is HYGGE?

  1. It’s definitely not pronounced Hoo-gah as I have seen on some sites. I’m not sure how I could write it out in English to do it justice. We’re raised with the concept and the more I read about it the more I think it’s quite hard to teach. Like you said, it is about a way of thinking, of living. We can also do it in the summer, so you don’t need woollen socks or fireplaces 🙂 Nor do you need to stuff your face with cake all the time, although we do love it. LOVE it. Actually, mine is ready to come out the oven now 😀


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