She uses FUCK a lot

Yes, I know that a lot of y’all out there don’t use it anymore because Facebook is so 2010. Instead y’all have switched to twitter. I think y’all have made a wise decision. 140 words equals less bullshit so brava to Jack Dorsey and his team. I’ll stop with the y’alls now.

There are people like me out there who *pause for gasp* still use Facebook. It’s more of a comfort thing; we have known Facebook for a long time, we know how it rolls.

When I was a baby blogger, I made sure I read every how-to-blog article there is on the internet. I could list the points even now.

One of them was Publicizing: Linking your blog to major social networking sites so to help your blog reach maximum people.

Twitter? Okay, that’s do able. Facebook, aah no thank you. No, I’m not saying this because my relatives make a large portion of the people I know there,I just find Facebook irritating.
…...that and because all my relatives are on Facebook.

Everyone in our family has a Facebook account. The newborn has an acccount and so does the dog. I even have really-long-distance-relatives on my list that I didn’t even know existed.

Mom do we know any Muhammad Ali? He’s claiming to be my cousin and asking me to add me.”
Oh of course we know him. He’s your grandfather’s sister’s daughter’s son! ADD HIM!

My grandmother is on Facebook. So is her brother. So is his wife. And so is everyone in this world whom my grandfather has so much as patted on the back my grandfather was a famous religious scholar and most shia people know him) And they all want to add me. DESPERATELY. I don’t blame them. They just want to know if I’m half as religious as him. I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint.

This one time my mother got extremely furious over a picture someone tagged me in. It was a picture of me in a restaurant with some friends. We weren’t doing vodka shots or drinking out Of a pipe upside down (I’m sorry I don’t even know what you call it but you know what I’m talking about right?).We were just sitting. But someone sitting in freaking US & the A found it so offending they turned my mom against me.

Don’t allow her to go with her colleagues, she’s a child“, a child who is working eight hours a day.

You can’t trust anyone these days“, yes, certainly not stalkers like you.

Beautiful girls get kidnapped all the time in Karachi, don’t let her out much“. I actually don’t mind this one because it’s a  compliment.

All this over a picture of me sitting one feet away from a man.

Putting nosy relatives on limited didn’t solve much either. They kept badgering me.

Why can’t I post on your wall anymore?“. Gee,  I don’t know you must have done something to really piss me off.

I can’t even see your photos anymore“.  You can’t? Great!

What would we know? You have limited us on Facebook” said as if I have cut all sort of communication with them. There are other ways to communicate, you know.

And I knew if linked my Facebook with the blog, the same circumstances would result. I would have to limit everyone.

Oh  so you’re a blogger now?“. Said in a demeaning way.

You know, sweety, writers don’t always make it big“. Okay,gotcha


Isn’t that picture a bit offending?“. Yes. What’s your point?

Oh imma tell this to her mother! That ought to set the little missy right!” Probably said by aunt I bitched about.

But why do you blog? You have a job. Do u really need that much money?” You know, not everything we do is for money.

How can u even do it with the job? You’re schedule is hectic! All I do everyday is sleep.” It’s called trying to do something with my life. You should try it too sometime!

Oh my god! Look at the amount of time she used FUCK in her sentence

Twitter is my safe place to “promote” the blog. The only people I know there are the ones I know virtually and the celebrities I follow. I would love for them to read my blog.

Trust me, it’s a win win for everyone that I have sworn off using Facebook for my blog.

The best part: I can use fuck as much as I like.


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11 thoughts on “She uses FUCK a lot

  1. Ahhh, yes. I made my blog a place to write whatever I want, not to carefully censor myself so I don’t shock my family-and-church-friends portion of Facebook! My college roommate (an only child) had a Tumblr for the purpose of ranting angsty feelings, saying whatever the f**k she wanted and swearing like a sailor…when her parents finally found it, they worried she was depressed, or hated them, or both, or worse. They flipped out, and the part that bothered her the most? “This isn’t you. You don’t talk like this.”


    1. Phew. My family isn’t the only one 😀
      Exactly my point. I know some people get offended by swear words but if you look at them, they are just words.
      And admit it, Hangover 3 was funny only because Bradley Copper and Leslie Chow couldn’t stop swearing!
      Awww I feel too bad for your friend! It happens, it happens *sympathetic hug*


  2. I had to block my dad’s family on FB. I’m not very big into using it…I am definitely more into Twitter…But that said I have different audiences on different social media sites…some overlap…and an attempt to be comfortable and confident on each platform.

    Continue to be yourself. Writing is such a powerful way to change the world but it’s also a way to improve your own life…have fun…and explore your own ideas.


    1. Well my mom and dad are cousins so at least I don’t have to deal with two different families. That being said, they are alone a lot of work. Yeah me too since most people I know on Facebook are people I have met in person. Except for some long distance cousins ofcourse!
      Thanks for the lovely words Brie! Xoxo


      1. Your welcome. Family can be a very big part of a persons life. Same with me, I don’t know many people so the FB friend list is pretty small.


  3. Oh wow I could totally relate to this post..I have decided to keep Facebook out of the publicize equation too because of the big F – Family…seriously there is only so much judgement and scrutiny you can take in your your style as always.


    1. Our backgrounds are somewhat the same. I mean okay you’re from India and I am from Pakistan but they are both somewhat the same. As in traditional.
      Exactly. Instead of having to justify every curse word, it’s better if they just don’t hear about it.
      Awww thank you! You’re too kind! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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