Confidence, Insecurity & Perfection

I am awfully exhausted after a French class that I clearly failed to make a good first impression in but I just had to get these thoughts out: On the way back home today, I was thinking about a conversation I had had earlier with a friend of mine about people not being confident enough … Continue reading Confidence, Insecurity & Perfection


About “Health”

I remember a conversation with a friend of mine when he mentioned that a friend of his was very keen on using olive oil only. To his friend, this was a deal breaker and he insisted with his femme that everything consumed in the house shall only be eaten if it is prepared in olive … Continue reading About “Health”

Skincare routines are tiresome

So, I watch a lot of ''My Skincare Routine'' videos on YouTube. Because, you know, my life is going nowhere. I hate to admit it but I never knew that Skincare routines are so tiresome. I mean, there are a lot of products being used. And I do mean, a lot! See, my ''Skincare Routine'', … Continue reading Skincare routines are tiresome

And I thought ”Why do I even blog?”

I was going through some old posts and I kept thinking about the time when I used to blog quite often. Somewhere along the way I stopped blogging. And now I want to get back into it. But every time I get inspired to write something, I am immediately brought down by the thought that … Continue reading And I thought ”Why do I even blog?”

NoCoffeefor30Days: What I learned

FINALLY. I am happy that I completed the challenge. It wasn't hard. IT WAS SO HARD. Initially, inhibiting intake of the drug did cause countless headaches. There were times where the withdrawal symptoms were so severe, I wondered whether I was quitting coffee or cocaine. But it was all worth it in the end. WHAT … Continue reading NoCoffeefor30Days: What I learned

How to stay healthy when you’re lazy AF

I am an expert on this topic because there are days I am the queen of being ''Lazy AF''. Correction: There are a lot of days in my life where I am lazy AF. It is hard being healthy when you're lazy. Here are some tips that I follow to put an end to my … Continue reading How to stay healthy when you’re lazy AF

Bonny Rebecca: Thoughts & Lessons

When I see a ''Why I am no longer vegan'' video on YouTube, I feel upset. I am not vegan myself, but I am all about a healthy diet. And when someone says I am not a vegan anymore, many people may take a vegan diet as something that is not sustainable in the long … Continue reading Bonny Rebecca: Thoughts & Lessons

NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 14

Finally. It's been 2 weeks. Yes, it definitely feels like 2 bloody weeks. 2 more to go. So far, I have noticed a few changes. Like easier bowel movements. No, really. Sorry if I am grossing you out. And zero pimples on my face. Like, literally zero. Although I'm not sure if that's linked to … Continue reading NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 14

How I feel about LGBT-themed movies

I recently saw ''Boy erased'' and ''Colette''. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REVIEW OF EITHER MOVIE BUT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. I saw ''Boy erased'' knowing the main subject of the movie. But with ''Colette'', I was only watching because of Kiera Knightly. I was not aware of the real story of ''Colette'' or ''Claudine''. As … Continue reading How I feel about LGBT-themed movies

NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 9

Writing ''Day 9'' was so disappointing to me today. I thought by now it should already be day 20. I have stopped craving coffee in the morning. Even when the coffee pot calls out my name every time I pass by it. I avoid going to the hotel during breakfast time since the restaurant is … Continue reading NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 9