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I feel ya, my vegan brother

I made the huge mistake of ordering a veggie burrito from Mexican grill. OH MY GOD. It was like they didn’t even bother with the recipe. It made me question why I didn’t just order the chicken options instead. SO THIS IS WHAT THEY MEAN WHEN PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING VEGAN FRET ABOUT WHAT TO […]

Balloons are annoying 🎈

We are having a Sports Festival at work. This is by far the only project HR has put considerable amount of effort in since the beginning of the year. The only thing they should be applauded for is making about fucking two hundred balloons that have been spread over the entire building. Like a nine […]

I am locked inside my house

I was about to go out for a mango shake when my door won’t open. I pulled at it, pulled again, tried to jimmy the lock and finally realized that I am locked inside my house. Yes. Locked inside. Not outside, INFUCKINGSIDE. Someone has locked the door from outside. It took me two tries to […]

Ghosting is the new Dating

Swipe right, perfect match, with firework-like chemistry- you feel like you have hit the jackpot. You convince yourself that it is okay to spend half your salary on your lame coffee dates (where the coffee wasn’t always how you like it) and dinners at restaurant with super over priced food. Words are exchanged, some true, […]

My nails look better than my face

I’m serious. I will also end this post with a picture (not of my face- which some of you have already seen, but of my nails). My girlfriend and I went to a Salon to get our nails done. You see, we wanted to pretend we live well and spend time taking care of our […]

It’s just the end of the world!

Or Juste la fin du monde, in French. I find the title alone remarkable. The movie starts with Louie (Gaspard Ulliel), a playwright, paying a visit to his family after years of absence. He seems to have cut them off from his life and is only returning back to inform them of his terminal illness. […]

What on earth is an Vitamin IV drip?

So, I watch a lot of random things on YouTube because sometimes I really have nothing better to do. And I think it’s a healthy habit because sometimes it’s not a complete waste of time and gives me something to write or rant about. This week, I watched a series called ”What On Earth Is […]

Skincare: What no one talks about

A recent ”Makeup” session at work had me rolling my eyes. It really, really bothered me. So much so that I am here to write about it. I am not anti-make up, although I barely put much on. My problem wasn’t with the emphasis around the idea of using makeup to enhance one’s beauty. My […]

Feminist? Oh, je ne sais pas

Sometimes I want to say mean things  about someone who’s black. But I worry about being projected as a shallow girl who discriminates on the basis of color to people who will read my posts. So I don’t say anything at all. But the truth is maybe I just wanted to say bad things about […]

Don’t wear silk to a bar

And if you do, make sure it’s not a nice blouse that you bought because it was so beautiful it would be a crime not to buy it. And if you do, make sure you’re not a klutz like me who spilled some cheap ass cocktail all over the dress. I have been cleaning it […]

I have been reading articles about Capsule Wardrobe this and capsule wardrobe that trying to create one. But why doesn’t everyone shut up about capsule wardrobe and talk about how hard is it to not buy something that you absolutely don’t need but looks so pretty? I am not sure what has changed in me. […]

What the fuck is Libby?

Libby, which sounds almost like an actual human name, is anything but a person. It’s an app that allows me to read on the go, whenever I want, wherever I want. I love Libby because I love reading. Link I always hear people saying, ”Oh, I love to read, but I just don’t have time.” […]

What the fuck is HYGGE?

And the second big question is: How the fuck do we pronounce it? I was searching for a book to read on the app, Libby. While looking for a cookbook for a plant based diet, I came across a cover that looked like this: The little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking I’m not sure […]

My AC is trippin’

If it’s not shitting ice, it’s tripping. If it’s not tripping, it’s always shitting ice. Always acting up, piece of shit. Piece of shit that I thankfully don’t have to pay the bills for. I spent the entire morning watching YouTube videos about Plant Based Meals. So far, I have liked none. I want something […]

This week is HEAVEN

So.. Liverpool completely thrashed Manchester city last night. I was surprised. Pleasantly, though.   And.. Arctic Monkeys are releasing their new album. Next month. Here’s the demo: I am hoping the new album is at the least lightly influenced by the sound of The Last Shadow Puppets, Alex Turner’s second band with Miles Kane. I […]