What on earth is an Vitamin IV drip?

So, I watch a lot of random things on YouTube because sometimes I really have nothing better to do. And I think it’s a healthy habit because sometimes it’s not a complete waste of time and gives me something to write or rant about.

This week, I watched a series called ”What On Earth Is Wellness?” done by British Vogue featuring model Camille Rowe. I had previously seen series/documentaries on fashion by British Vogue with Alexa Chung which had made me fall in love with Alexa. So I thought pourquoi pas?

In one word, the series is honest. I’d give her credit for her openness.

But I was amazed to hear her say that she was taking Vitamin IV drips. Because someone said it was good and she’s a ”sucker” for that kind of thing.

Image result for hmm gif

When she opened her medicine cabinet, I actually thought she’s on medication for a disease. Nope, turns out it is all vitamins.


I don’t understand why people would go through so much bullshit to achieve something simple when they can just do it the easy way. Why do people have to make it so complicated?

Wait, do I sound like Avril Lavigne?

Image result for complicated gif

And I thought, why on earth would she do such a thing when she can easily get all the vitamins from the food she eats? If she eats the proper food..

And later in the series, you see a doctor tell her the exact same thing: She can get all these vitamins directly from her food.

I don’t blame her, because I think a lot of us are guilty of doing stuff that is ”trending” (God, I hate that word) or other people are doing, without doing our own research. When it comes to your health, all of us should be more proactive and try and learn the truth about what is being said. Before I even saw the doctor come on in the series, I thought, she really doesn’t need to spend all this money on buying vitamins when she can just buy the right food. And, anyway, you can’t replace the effect of a vitamin consumed within a food with that of a pill.

And it reminded me of something I read in the book ”Whole” by Dr. T Colin Campbell about how eating an apple to gain vitamin C is completely different from consuming a pill of vitamin C because the isolated vitamin C has different effects than to those of the vitamin C in the apple. Why? Because an apple doesn’t just have vitamin C, it has other nutrients and vitamins. So when you eat an apple, you don’t just get vitamin C, you get so much more. Whereas a vitamin C pill is just that: A vitamin C pill. Here’s the link to a helpful article I found online explaining one of Dr. Campbell’s discovery.

I am not anti-taking-vitamins-though-pills. (I said I am not anti makeup last time. It’s becoming a thing).

But the natural way is always the best way.

So unlike all the things we read in school that didn’t help us with shit in life, an apple a day, does keep a doctor away.




Your thoughts?

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