French is f%&*$%£ up

As if the L'imparfait and the Passe Compose wasn't confusing me enough, I just found out that baguette doesn't actually mean baguette. En fait, the word has two meanings. Baguette, as in pain, as in bread. You know, the long one in every description of a French person (damn you, stereotypes). The other meaning is … Continue reading French is f%&*$%£ up

Why I admire French culture

Not because, the French are so chic, effortless in everything they do, perfectly unperfect..(by the way, they are all these things)… I do read a lot about the French culture and one thing that I see repeated many times is that they accept themselves for who they are. They accept their flaws. They don't cover … Continue reading Why I admire French culture

Channel your inner Sabina Socol

So I was going through my Pinterest and a picture of Sabina Socol pops up. This one to be exact: So, I put her name on Pinterest, and all the results have two things in common: Effortless, chic French style and her nipples. Yeah, I can see her nipples. In all the pictures. Okay, almost … Continue reading Channel your inner Sabina Socol

It’s only the end of the world!

Or Juste la fin du monde, in French. I find the title alone remarkable. The movie starts with Louie (Gaspard Ulliel), a playwright, paying a visit to his family after years of absence. He seems to have cut them off from his life and is only returning back to inform them of his terminal illness. … Continue reading It’s only the end of the world!

All things French

Anyone who knows me knows about my uncontrollable addiction to all things French. PAR EXEMPLE... Jeux d'enfants is one of my favorite movies. It's a film that I can never get tired of watching. It is really something else. I have this undying crush on the following people for obvious reasons. I am fond of listening to … Continue reading All things French

‘coz I’m bi-lingual (well, kind of)

As some of you may have noticed by my posts in French, I have been taking French classes. There was much debate among members of the family and friends as to why I had this urge to learn a language that was so different from my mother tongue. I actually got into an argument with … Continue reading ‘coz I’m bi-lingual (well, kind of)