About “Health”

I remember a conversation with a friend of mine when he mentioned that a friend of his was very keen on using olive oil only. To his friend, this was a deal breaker and he insisted with his femme that everything consumed in the house shall only be eaten if it is prepared in olive … Continue reading About “Health”


Baby Steps To Healthy Eating

Making your health a priority is a personal choice. I think it's a personal choice everyone should make. In this day and age, it is much easier to be healthy than it used to be, say, fifty years ago. But I still see people munching on them KFCs and I am like what the fuck... … Continue reading Baby Steps To Healthy Eating

NoCoffeefor30Days: What I learned

FINALLY. I am happy that I completed the challenge. It wasn't hard. IT WAS SO HARD. Initially, inhibiting intake of the drug did cause countless headaches. There were times where the withdrawal symptoms were so severe, I wondered whether I was quitting coffee or cocaine. But it was all worth it in the end. WHAT … Continue reading NoCoffeefor30Days: What I learned

How to stay healthy when you’re lazy AF

I am an expert on this topic because there are days I am the queen of being ''Lazy AF''. Correction: There are a lot of days in my life where I am lazy AF. It is hard being healthy when you're lazy. Here are some tips that I follow to put an end to my … Continue reading How to stay healthy when you’re lazy AF

Bonny Rebecca: Thoughts & Lessons

When I see a ''Why I am no longer vegan'' video on YouTube, I feel upset. I am not vegan myself, but I am all about a healthy diet. And when someone says I am not a vegan anymore, many people may take a vegan diet as something that is not sustainable in the long … Continue reading Bonny Rebecca: Thoughts & Lessons

Coffee, how I love thee

Alas, I have relapsed. I was having a shitty day on Wednesday and even though I got a comforting hug from my best friend, it was only when I sipped the coffee that I felt all was right in the world. Here's the thing: I have nothing against coffee. I have seen vegans drink coffee. … Continue reading Coffee, how I love thee

The truth about Spinach

Spinach is something I eat daily. I add it in my smoothie (Oh, please don't be grossed out if you have never tried it) and it's a part of my salad. But is it okay to eat spinach every day? Doesn't it contain oxalic acid that stops the absorption of important nutrients like calcium and … Continue reading The truth about Spinach

Bye eggs!

I often wonder, is breakfast the most important day of the meal or is this just something the cereal companies came up with? I am not sure if it is. I think the idea is to encourage people to have a healthy, big meal so that they would have more energy throughout the day. For … Continue reading Bye eggs!

WFPD: Your New Year’s Resolution

I am sure that by this point I have pissed off all of my friends because I can not shut up about being healthy as well as eating healthy. For me, eating healthy is not about having a large salad bowl one day of the week. Healthy eating must be consistent for you to feel … Continue reading WFPD: Your New Year’s Resolution

This is not a ”New year, New me” kind of post

And isn't it too early for that kind of thing, anyway? Anyway. ANYWAY. Since the last few months, I have been making a lot of changes to my lifestyle and diet. Part of this I owe to my very kind Irish friend who introduced me to the plant based diet. Part of this I owe … Continue reading This is not a ”New year, New me” kind of post

What on earth is an Vitamin IV drip?

So, I watch a lot of random things on YouTube because sometimes I really have nothing better to do. And I think it's a healthy habit because sometimes it's not a complete waste of time and gives me something to write or rant about. This week, I watched a series called ''What On Earth Is … Continue reading What on earth is an Vitamin IV drip?