Picasso & Giacometti at a fire station

Visiting a fire station may not be the ideal way to spend a day off from work. But it also wasn’t your normal fire station. The building that I visited today is known as Doha Fire station and it was an actual one up until 2012, when the building was given to Qatar Museums. It has been recently renovated and also features a shop where you can buy paints, brushes and all other items (that I do not know the name of since I am nowhere near an artist) one can think of to be used for artwork, as well as a chic cafe (called 999, very appropriately so).

As in all of my serious posts, i wanted to research a bit more about the exhibition and the two artists it features but the experience was so amazing that I absolutely cannot wait any longer to share the pictures with you. Even writing these words is hurting me.

So the exhibition features two artists, Picasso and Giacometti. The interesting part is that these two, despite having an age difference of twenty years, were actually friends and this exhibition shows how Giacometti’s work was influenced by Picasso’s. Here is a link of the site that explains this in detail. I could just copy paste this on my blog but then again I do not want to copy another writer’s words.

I entered the fire station to find a small souvenir shop which featured pillows with Picasso’s artwork, keychains, fridge magnets, a scarf, a lamp and bracelets. All ridiculously priced (I mean, the key chain was QR 100! Keychain!) but I bought a cheap but cute magnet as a memory.

So here are the picture (a mix of the artwork by both artist as I was not able to note down the names):


I don’t know why but I have an eye for detail (only for such things):

There is also a section, almost like an unclosed room with a wall that displays two videos side by side of the two artist painting. Sorry about the sound though, I was so mesmerizied by the experience I left my headphone in.

Please be aware that getting to Doha Fire Station is easy mais going back might me a hassle since you can’t get a taxi. Your only luck is an Egyptian taxi driver who will scare the shit out of you by causing another car to skid in circles and give you the hibijibees by saying “I love you pakistan”.
All in all, it was a very pleasant experience and I highly recommend seeing it for yourself. You have until 21st of May.

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