The P word

I have got a problem. I have got to stop talking about being healthy and shit. I mean, not on the blog! God, no. But in real life. I think people are starting to get annoyed. I have noticed that people are open to talk about most things. They can talk about the ”P” word … More The P word

”How do I look?”

The other day, our external auditors and I were having lunch when one of them asked me “How old are you?”. ”I recently turned 25”, I replied. My response was met with ”OH!”. But not the Oh that says ”Oh you look like you’re 18!”. More like ”Damn girl, you look like you’re 27!”. And … More ”How do I look?”

Bye eggs!

I often wonder, is breakfast the most important day of the meal or is this just something the cereal companies came up with? I am not sure if it is. I think the idea is to encourage people to have a healthy, big meal so that they would have more energy throughout the day. For … More Bye eggs!