Working for the Finance department feels ah-mazzinnngg. No more standing all day long. I am not scared anymore of the probability of a drunk local taking out a gun and shooting me. Or driving his car through the main door. (That actually happened). No more starting your shift when people are ending theirs. And always […]

So, there was a cake in my fridge. I assume it was caramel. It was untouched. It was for the birthday of a housemate. And it was living in the fridge for one month. I say living because it had acquired a housemate status by now. When I came back from Tbilisi, I was absolutely […]

I am in Tblisi at the moment so the general expectation would be that I write a helpful blog on the topic. I will do that, I just needed to say something first. A few weeks ago during a conversation, a friend remarked that I was too close to my mother. I asked him why […]

Today, I saw an email sent by one of important people that work for the company. The email is very nice, very professional, great ideas, yada yada yada. Except for one problem: The email has hashtags in it. For some reason. I am confused. It is an OFFICIAL email.  It is sent to EMPLOYEES, NOT […]

I was at Pearl Qatar today to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Yeah I know, I just threw someone a party a few weeks ago, which TOTALLY flopped by the way. But I like celebrating other people’s birthday as much as I hate celebrating my own. The place we chose was Shakespere & co. Yeah, I […]

Racist customers be like: “I did not feel welcome at your hotel. Your staff made me feel unwelcome at your hotel. Is it because I am (insert nationality)? Your staff is very racist! I also think you have too many Indian stuff that you should get rid off. They are completely disaster!“. So you want […]

(Livin’. Like livin’ on a prayer. Get it? Oh okay.) I don’t mind living with housemates. I wouldn’t change the house that I live in. It’s comfy, it’s big, we have a kitchen and we have a proper sitting room with rat-colored sofas but who cares? It is big. I like it. It is like […]

A few months ago, I had read an article on one of Qatar’s newest mall, Alhazm. At first I thought it was somewhere as far as Qatar Mall, but when I realized it was near my workplace I thought I might go see it. I am not a fan of malls but I enjoy the […]

You have players that sign five year deals only to put in transfer requests later. 2. We bought Momo Salah and Solanke to strengthen our team only to loose Lallana for a couple of months. 3. We win games…then we end them in a draw. The funny game against Watford And it hurt me like […]

I am not much of a shopaholic (anymore) so please feel free to totally ignore this post about shopping. But you might want to read it if you wanna save a few riyals. Here we go: BRANDS: Well, if you have got that kind of money, please do shop at Dior. But if you haven’t, […]

Cherish them. It means you mean a lot to them which is why they have bothered to move their lazy asses. JUST FOR YOU. On the other hand, never let procrastinators arrange a birthday party for you. Never. Unfortunately, my friend and I both fall in the same category and yet we have taken this […]

I have never met anyone, except myself, who doesn’t hate Doha. Qataris excluded, because I have never met one, all the other residents truly hate it. All the conversations are about what a shit place it is and how they desperately want to move somewhere else. I don’t really blame them. There’s not a lot […]

I feel sorry for trees. Trees blend in with the background. No matter how unique they are, they can never stand out. No one notices them. No one talks about how kind they are. No one talks about the shade they provide in heavy sunlight. No one bothers to give them credit for anything they […]

To people who are texting me and ending their sentences with “bro”: You are annoying the fuck out of me. Just because I don’t say it out loud doesn’t mean you can use it multiple times in sentences. My one word replies should tell you that I really want to block you but I am […]

I work in the hospitality industry and because of this unfortunate circumstance I am expected to be nice to people because I have “PEOPLE’S SKILLS”. WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Every day I have to make a choice: to live up to the expectation of others or to disappoint them greatly. It’s a very hard choice to […]