Praablam customer

I am thinking of suggesting my training manager to send our employees to Karwa’s main office, in order to better our customer service skills.
Have you ever been in a Karwa? I am in awe of the way they treat their customers!*
I recently took a trip to Villagio and decided to visit one of our sister properties for dinner, which is merely ten minutes away. I got into the taxi and immediately regretted it. The driver was pissed. Already, before the drive. I knew it was going to be a disaster.

I told the him the location. He looked at me with such a blank face as if I had asked him to take me to an address on Mars on his four wheels.

Every time a taxi driver gives me that look, several thoughts rush through my mind.

Why didn’t I just walk there?

Why don’t I just grow a pair and buy a car?

Why don’t I just marry someone with a car?

It’s annoying! Why do I have to explain where I want to go when I am siting in a taxi with GPS and the place is very well known? Have you ever seen someone hail a cab in a movie and instead of saying “I want to go to the 25th and 25th street”, they explain the entire address?

 Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, I was looking at my GPS to figure out which turn I had to take when he asked me if we should take right or left. I absentmindedly said left first but then checked my GPS quickly to correct myself.
“Um no you need to take a right.”
He sighed and said in his very Pakistani accent: “You are a problem (pronounced praablam) customer.”
We were still standing in traffic. It wasn’t like I had been a douche and asked him to turn the other way at the last moment.
But I couldn’t stop laughing. Of shame, embarrassment and shock.

How can I be a problem customer? I work in the hospitality business myself!

Wow. I mean, he really couldn’t care less about what I thought or how rude he was being to me. He really didn’t give a fuck.

 How I wish I could be like that at my workplace!

 Can u imagine if every time my boss walked in and asked me to do his work or to stay overtime, i would look at him and say “You are a praablam boss!”? That kind of attitude ought to take me to newer (lower) levels!

Wouldn’t life be so much easy-ah, sweet-ah then..
*not all of them are like this. Only most of them are like this.

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