Picture perfect?

It looks like a neat space but don’t let the perfectly orange coloured wall fool you. The room is quite normal and a bit bland if you ask me. I am surprised that the picture turned out nice despite me using no filters to edit it and using my very old iPhone 5. Everyone’s on … More Picture perfect?

Life is sweet

Working for the Finance department feels ah-mazzinnngg. No more standing all day long. I am not scared anymore of the probability of a drunk local taking out a gun and shooting me. Or driving his car through the main door. (That actually happened). No more starting your shift when people are ending theirs. And always … More Life is sweet


Today, I saw an email sent by one of important people that work for the company. The email is very nice, very professional, great ideas, yada yada yada. Except for one problem: The email has hashtags in it. For some reason. I am confused. It is an OFFICIAL email.Ā  It is sent to EMPLOYEES, NOT … More #Areyoukiddingme?


Hoping the giant zit on your chin will disappear just because it’s shoot day at work and all the pictures taken today would be displayed on your international website and stay there for years.. The zit may disappear tomorrow but not today..

Stuck in the middle

Today we had our annual staff function at work. Several employees put in great efforts; preparing dance routines, volunteering to sing or doing short plays. It’s safe to say that I was probably the only staff member who didn’t give a shit about the function. I didn’t gauge up a new outfit. Or do my … More Stuck in the middle