On Cocooning Women

I see all these posts on my Facebook about Hilary Clinton fighting for feminism and empowering girls and I wonder when will Pakistan actually start working on such goals and agendas. But then I laugh. Our country doesn’t give a shite about women. And since we are the “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan, we really don’t … More On Cocooning Women

Shave It Off!

I’m gonna say something on the risk of losing a large amount of followers and getting a lot of judgmental looks. I HATE SHAVING. (Source) I hate it. I hate it. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it so much. I always cut myself. And my legs go all Sahara Desert on meĀ unless … More Shave It Off!

Do women really want to be treated equally?

Ever caught yourself wondering whether the only reason you’re vouching for female equality is because you’re afraid you might be looked down by other feminists if you don’t? I admit, I have. The first time that thought stuck me I was in my sociology class, which constituted of a feminist, a non feminist (rather Marxist) … More Do women really want to be treated equally?