This V-day…

No, this is not another lovey-dovey post for Valentine’s day. I don’t do sappy. I normally detest events that involve one way transactions; me  having to splurge on gifts for my loved ones. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts.My wallet doesn’t. The whole process makes her feel a bit "empty". But just because … Continue reading This V-day…


What Is A Movie Without Nachos?

Other than writing a guest post at Adi's blog, this Valentine's day I went to watch a movie with an old friend of mine. Despite of reminding him a billion times about buying the ticket beforehand, there we were, stuck at the movie counter, trying to decide between two Indians movies and an English animated … Continue reading What Is A Movie Without Nachos?

How I plan on spending V-DAY this year

Tomorrow all I'll be hearing is "Love is in the air". Or is it? Really? Since there is no lovey-dovey guy waiting for me with a bright red, rose outside my house, I would disagree. I work at a hotel. So every year, specially during this time of the month, people go crazy. Like children over … Continue reading How I plan on spending V-DAY this year