Sometimes I Wish I Had A D***

I am going to be a total biatch and say what's exactly on my mind: I think old people should be blocked from Facebook. The "Old people" in question is my Nan. Once upon a time, I thought of her as cool. Once upon a time, I was very naive. If you see her, you … Continue reading Sometimes I Wish I Had A D***

Adam Levine does controversial-FINALLY!

I was waiting for the Blog Tember Challenge to finish, so I could write about how irksome but strangely addictive Adam Levine and his band is. Of course, being a fan of Maroon 5 since their album with the weird, long name came out, It Won't Be Soon Before Long, I do owe some loyalty to … Continue reading Adam Levine does controversial-FINALLY!

Blog Tember Challenge: Day Three

Many many apologies for leaving out yesterday's Blog Tember Challenge Topic: I'm Passionate about _______. I know the whole point of this challenge is to get my tardy ass out of the chair I'm leaning in and getting me to pay attention to my blog, but alas. Yesterday was spent in bed recovering from a … Continue reading Blog Tember Challenge: Day Three

Why you should only stalk but not add on Facebook

So I have been meeting a lot of nice foreigners at work lately.This week I met my crush, a guy from Canada and someone from France. It started in that order of importance. Funny how things change.   I was beyond excited about my crush arriving. The day of his arrival, I went to work … Continue reading Why you should only stalk but not add on Facebook