Why I Shop Less

There's only two things you can do for fun in Doha: Go to a mall or go to a bar. On account of being a "good" girl, I chose the former. Also, anyone who drinks before 12:00 pm has a problem. Except, of course, for Brunch. After my surprisingly pleasant experience with my embassy, I … Continue reading Why I Shop Less

Do I really need this?

I really didn't imagine my life would turn around completely after coming to Qatar. Since I came here, I have turned into this person who actually thinks before spending and refrains from splurging. To be more precise: I had been so ungrateful, living at my mom's place and eating free food. How long did I thought … Continue reading Do I really need this?

I left my shoes in San Francisco

The first thing I bought in Doha were heels. You're wondering Doha. Equals desert. Equals a lot of walking. Equals comfortable shoes. Right? Heels are the last thing any sane person will spend on. But I bought heels. Because I had left every heel I own in Pakistan. Infact, I only bought three shoes with … Continue reading I left my shoes in San Francisco

Say what?!

I was in a hurry today. So maybe the rickshaw driver isn't entirely at fault. You see I had to post this letter immediately. So I asked him to take me to the nearest TCS office. Off we went. He whizzed his rickshaw from this street to that and to another one and a few … Continue reading Say what?!