I have been reading articles about Capsule Wardrobe this and capsule wardrobe that trying to create one. But why doesn’t everyone shut up about capsule wardrobe and talk about how hard is it to not buy something that you absolutely don’t need but looks so pretty? I am not sure what has changed in me. … More

So Doha, yeah?

Hello. From Doha. Finalement. I promised myself I’d write something nice about Doha once I got here. It has taken me three weeks to fulfill that promise but hey, I’m here! I wanted to write on here about Doha but I guess that would make it more of a life in Doha blog and that’s … More So Doha, yeah?

He Who Holds The Key

Under normal circumstances, I’m a fun loving human who believes in equality, humanity and tolerance. Normally. But when I’m locked outside my home, and I really need to use the bathroom… This is the third time we have been locked out. Not one. Not twice. But the THIRD time. I think our building guard is … More He Who Holds The Key