This is why you don’t send nudes over Whatsapp

We have come to the point in our lives where everyone who works for a decent enough company has a whatsapp work group. The group that is "ting-ing" all the time because there is "Oh so much to share". I wake up to it and I sleep to it. There are people messaging in the … Continue reading This is why you don’t send nudes over Whatsapp

The Fault In Our Trends

Reading Just Joolzac's post the other day made me think of how day by day we are becoming more stuupid. Anything that generates even a slight buzz in the social media, catches our attention, irrespective of how stuupid the trend is. Stuupid trends gotta go. You can still follow them if you want. Just don't blame … Continue reading The Fault In Our Trends

Enough with the Selfies!

I really don't need to give you a definition of a selfie. Everyone's knows what it is and some people's life isn't complete until they post selfies of everything they have done during the day on social feeds. Heck, you might be an addict too. But our G.M did need to mention what it means, in the … Continue reading Enough with the Selfies!

Because a wall post just won’t do anymore

I truly hate the internet at times. Is it necessary to wish your ex-best friend happy birthday, by dedicating your status to her because a post on her face book wall is oh-so-2011? And then converting your best-possible (if there are any at all) selfies into a collage and uploading them along with the status? … Continue reading Because a wall post just won’t do anymore