Not-so Gandhi’s Monkey

I live in a spacious villa with four other people. Funny how the presence of people with negative aura can make you feel suffocated in such an open space. My roommate is lovely. I thank my lucky stars for her. She's always upbeat and is super passionate about her guests, like me. She's the definition … Continue reading Not-so Gandhi’s Monkey

Oh No You Didn’t (Ryan Gosling Style)

Google don't (yes, don't not doesn't) deal so well with long search words. I spent the whole day going through it's result for "How To Revenge From Your Manager Who Is A D***, Hated By Half Of The Department And Is A Complete Tool Because He Insulted Me In Front Of The Whole Lobby Yesterday" but … Continue reading Oh No You Didn’t (Ryan Gosling Style)

Sometimes I Wish I Had A D***

I am going to be a total biatch and say what's exactly on my mind: I think old people should be blocked from Facebook. The "Old people" in question is my Nan. Once upon a time, I thought of her as cool. Once upon a time, I was very naive. If you see her, you … Continue reading Sometimes I Wish I Had A D***

Who knew Karma was watching?

Bitches and Assholes are common in every work place. There's always that co-worker/s that you just can't stand. Unfortunately, I have a whole team of people I would rather strangle with my bear hands than agree to work with. Most of the bitches and assholes at work have been here since before I was even born. You … Continue reading Who knew Karma was watching?