NoCoffeefor30Days: What I learned

FINALLY. I am happy that I completed the challenge. It wasn't hard. IT WAS SO HARD. Initially, inhibiting intake of the drug did cause countless headaches. There were times where the withdrawal symptoms were so severe, I wondered whether I was quitting coffee or cocaine. But it was all worth it in the end. WHAT … Continue reading NoCoffeefor30Days: What I learned

NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 17

I am sorry, but I miss coffee. So far, staying strong. I cant believe I have spent so many days sans coffee. And I am really proud of myself for that. I might have one cup of coffee after this thirty day break. I don't know. We will see. But one of the things that … Continue reading NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 17

NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 14

Finally. It's been 2 weeks. Yes, it definitely feels like 2 bloody weeks. 2 more to go. So far, I have noticed a few changes. Like easier bowel movements. No, really. Sorry if I am grossing you out. And zero pimples on my face. Like, literally zero. Although I'm not sure if that's linked to … Continue reading NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 14

NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 9

Writing ''Day 9'' was so disappointing to me today. I thought by now it should already be day 20. I have stopped craving coffee in the morning. Even when the coffee pot calls out my name every time I pass by it. I avoid going to the hotel during breakfast time since the restaurant is … Continue reading NoCoffeefor30Days: Day 9

NoCoffefor30Days: Day 6

Today was a good day. Well, for the most part. I began the day with a healthy smoothie. I have said it before, beginning the day with something healthy sets the routine for the entire day. At least, pour moi. That was followed by some lychees. A fun fact about lychees: I love them. They … Continue reading NoCoffefor30Days: Day 6

NoCoffeefor30days: Day 4

You know the feeling when you walk into your hotel lobby and the smell of coffee hits your nose? And you internally and repeatedly curse the person who chose this exact moment from the entire day to fucking make a cup of coffee? Yes that's what happened today. Anyway, no headaches so far. I must … Continue reading NoCoffeefor30days: Day 4