The P word

I have got a problem. I have got to stop talking about being healthy and shit. I mean, not on the blog! God, no. But in real life. I think people are starting to get annoyed. I have noticed that people are open to talk about most things. They can talk about the ”P” word … More The P word

Bye eggs!

I often wonder, is breakfast the most important day of the meal or is this just something the cereal companies came up with? I am not sure if it is. I think the idea is to encourage people to have a healthy, big meal so that they would have more energy throughout the day. For … More Bye eggs!

I have been reading articles about Capsule Wardrobe this and capsule wardrobe that trying to create one. But why doesn’t everyone shut up about capsule wardrobe and talk about how hard is it to not buy something that you absolutely don’t need but looks so pretty? I am not sure what has changed in me. … More

My AC is trippin’

If it’s not shitting ice, it’s tripping. If it’s not tripping, it’s always shitting ice. Always acting up, piece of shit. Piece of shit that I thankfully don’t have to pay the bills for. I spent the entire morning watching YouTube videos about Plant Based Meals. So far, I have liked none. I want something … More My AC is trippin’