I successfully predicted this year’s Oscars. Well, three of them at least. Made me feel immensely proud, like Now they owe me an Oscar too. But the Osars isn’t what I want to talk of tonight. Ms. Sharmeen Obai Chinoy from Pakistan was nominated for for the best short documentary and managed to win again, … More

Oscar nomination: ME

I see all these Oscar nominations and what not and it makes me think what really makes all these movies eligible for awards when there are so many people out there who deserve an award for the work that they do? I am not talking about Abdul Sattar Edhi. I’m talking about people like me: … More Oscar nomination: ME

Spread the awards!

Do you know that feeling when you login to WordPress and the tiny little box on the top right side is orange? Don’t you just love it? I clicked on mine hoping to read another comment or like. Guess what? I have been nominated for an award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been nominated by the beautiful Amanda … More Spread the awards!