What Is A Movie Without Nachos?

Other than writing a guest post at Adi's blog, this Valentine's day I went to watch a movie with an old friend of mine. Despite of reminding him a billion times about buying the ticket beforehand, there we were, stuck at the movie counter, trying to decide between two Indians movies and an English animated … Continue reading What Is A Movie Without Nachos?

Blog Tember Challlenge: Day Eleven

Sept 26th: How have you changed in the past year? This is one of the serious prompts. I have changed quite a bit and so far, I'm pleased with the changes since they are all positive and I have stopped being the cold witch that people think I am. Well, not really. I'm working on … Continue reading Blog Tember Challlenge: Day Eleven

Liebster Award!

And just when I was wondering when the award season is going to come..I got nominated for the Liebster Award. AGAIN. By not one but TWO of my lovely blogger friends: The ever so sweet Britney and the wonderful Mishali. Thank you so much to both of you 🙂 The rules are as always: 1. … Continue reading Liebster Award!