How I feel about LGBT-themed movies

I recently saw ''Boy erased'' and ''Colette''. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REVIEW OF EITHER MOVIE BUT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. I saw ''Boy erased'' knowing the main subject of the movie. But with ''Colette'', I was only watching because of Kiera Knightly. I was not aware of the real story of ''Colette'' or ''Claudine''. As … Continue reading How I feel about LGBT-themed movies


If You Murder Someone..

It's gonna come and bite you in the ass. Specially, if you call up a director and let him make a documentary on it. That's what happened to Robert Durst.The film All Good Things is inspired by the life of Durst and the murders he allegedly committed. The movie shoes a young , wealthy man named … Continue reading If You Murder Someone..

Guess Who’s Back?

Hello to all my lovely readers and specially to those who have actually noticed I have been away. I have missed being here. I was busy. No, scratch that- I did not make enough time for writing and that's a shame. It's  one of the things I do for myself.What have I been upto? I don't … Continue reading Guess Who’s Back?

What Is A Movie Without Nachos?

Other than writing a guest post at Adi's blog, this Valentine's day I went to watch a movie with an old friend of mine. Despite of reminding him a billion times about buying the ticket beforehand, there we were, stuck at the movie counter, trying to decide between two Indians movies and an English animated … Continue reading What Is A Movie Without Nachos?