I was just going through Britney's blog and decided that her questions were too good to be left unanswered. On the risk of allowing y'all to know more about me, I'm going to answer all of them. Truthfully. Promise! The Questions: 1. What are you wearing? Lime colored T-shirt that actually makes me think of … Continue reading TMI TAG ANYONE?

Why Do People “I Do”?

Good news, guys! I didn't go to my Mom's wedding as a harlot. Although, now that I look back at it, it would have been more fun if I would have.The much awaited (not really, but) wedding took place on the 22nd. Finally. Thank Christ. Thank the Lord. Thank Buddha. Not that I actually cared. That … Continue reading Why Do People “I Do”?

He Who Holds The Key

Under normal circumstances, I'm a fun loving human who believes in equality, humanity and tolerance. Normally. But when I'm locked outside my home, and I really need to use the bathroom... This is the third time we have been locked out. Not one. Not twice. But the THIRD time. I think our building guard is … Continue reading He Who Holds The Key

I Might As Well Go As A Harlot

I'm still recovering from my heart break over my sweet Belgian guy, so  excuse me that this pre-new year's post is nothing like the typical pre-new year's post: no motivating resolutions or promises of a : "new year, new me". It's just another year that is going to go by faster than I can snap … Continue reading I Might As Well Go As A Harlot