I am a woman and it’s tough, man!

Why is it so hard being a woman? Maybe being a woman is not so hard. Maybe the unrealistic expectations that society attach to the idea of what a woman should be like is causing all the problems. I'm pale by birth. I don't know if it's because I was bitten by some Edward Cullen … Continue reading I am a woman and it’s tough, man!

50 Shades Of Pink

I have recently taken a strong liking to pink lipsticks. They are all I think about and I am obsessed with buying this perfect shade of pink. Perfect shade of pink that exists only in my mind because I can not get it anywhere. Anywhere at all. My need is simple: a pink lipstick that … Continue reading 50 Shades Of Pink

6 ways to make a long distance relationship work

I'm not here to tell you that long distance relationships are not hard. They are hard. Very hard infact. So far away from the "ideal". But some couples do find themselves in situations where they could either opt for a long distance relation or end it. And most people do end it, some directly with … Continue reading 6 ways to make a long distance relationship work

What’s in your sac?

I'm sitting in my room, unable to sleep, with an itch to blog. About something. So here's a random post for y'all. Just so you know, sac is the french word for bag/purse. Just so you know2, these are the contents of my "work" sac.   1.Can you see that round silver ball? That's actually … Continue reading What’s in your sac?