This week is HEAVEN

So.. Liverpool completely thrashed Manchester city last night. I was surprised. Pleasantly, though.   And.. Arctic Monkeys are releasing their new album. Next month. Here’s the demo: I am hoping the new album is at the least lightly influenced by the sound of The Last Shadow Puppets, Alex Turner’s second band with Miles Kane. I … More This week is HEAVEN

Why being a Liverpool fan is like being on a rollercoaster

You have players that sign five year deals only to put in transfer requests later. 2. We bought Momo Salah and Solanke to strengthen our team only to loose Lallana for a couple of months. 3. We win games…then we end them in a draw. The funny game against Watford And it hurt me like … More Why being a Liverpool fan is like being on a rollercoaster


Not that sort of quickie, you perv. Just wanted to give a small update of the vacation that will soon come to an end. Btw, “Never have I ever” been this happy to announce the end of one. Hmm maybe I should have titled the post “Never have I ever”, but then again, I do … More Quickie

Lost loves

Growing up, we use adjectives to describe ourselves. Adjectives we feel strongly about. Music lover. Fashionista. So on and forth. We hold on to these adjectives like anything, like they are engravedĀ into our skins, like we would never separate from them. And then LIFE happens. You get older. Busier, no time for any of these … More Lost loves