Pride and language

Two people from Mecaland having dinner in a restaurant. Man 1: "How was your weekend with your family?" Man 2: "Oh it was very enjoyable! I didn't know staying at a hotel could be so much fun. I mean, forget the clean bedsheets and the 24/7 room service. I had so much fun tormenting the … Continue reading Pride and language

Things I love about work

Arabic guy approaches reception Him: Salamalaykum Me: Walaykumsalam Him: Arabic or English? Me: English Him: *a long dialogue in arabic that I can't make out even if I tried* Me: I don't speak in Arabic! Him: How much is one room for one night for two people? Do you offer breakfast too? *delivered in perfect … Continue reading Things I love about work

‘coz I’m bi-lingual (well, kind of)

As some of you may have noticed by my posts in French, I have been taking French classes. There was much debate among members of the family and friends as to why I had this urge to learn a language that was so different from my mother tongue. I actually got into an argument with … Continue reading ‘coz I’m bi-lingual (well, kind of)