Jealous Feels Day

So I have been watching a lot of vloggers (excuse me if I am not using the correct terms) on YouTube and I am growing more and more discontent with my life. Why do they live in such pretty houses? Like, how can they afford a nice house when it looks like the only day … Continue reading Jealous Feels Day


How I feel about “Feels”

I feel that Calvin Harris should no longer be allowed to make music. First of all, I don't know why all of it sounds so good. I don't know what secret formula he has to make such catchy songs. Second of all, his latest song "Feels" should be banned. I can't sleeep, I can't go … Continue reading How I feel about “Feels”

Let’s talk about Katy Perry

A few days ago, my mom sent me the following whatsapp message: Yes my mom knows who Katy Perry is. Kinda cool right? I think most parents will be horrified if they know their children listen to things like "I kissed a girl", but my mom isn't.  (Or maybe she hasn't heard that song yet). … Continue reading Let’s talk about Katy Perry

I am a woman and it’s tough, man!

Why is it so hard being a woman? Maybe being a woman is not so hard. Maybe the unrealistic expectations that society attach to the idea of what a woman should be like is causing all the problems. I'm pale by birth. I don't know if it's because I was bitten by some Edward Cullen … Continue reading I am a woman and it’s tough, man!

Does Katy have no soul?

I have been a fan of Katy Perry since "I kissed a girl". No, it wasn't because I had fantasies of my own to kiss a female (or did I?) but I have always liked people who are bold and are not afraid to speak their minds (dirty or otherwise). I have been a fan … Continue reading Does Katy have no soul?