A Letter To My Boss’s Mistress

Dear Mistress, I hope you're having just another one of your lazy days. Again. I'm writing this to you because I have been going over this and over this in my mind and I just can't contain these feelings no more. I think when I say this, I speak for all of us at work: … Continue reading A Letter To My Boss’s Mistress

Who knew Karma was watching?

Bitches and Assholes are common in every work place. There's always that co-worker/s that you just can't stand. Unfortunately, I have a whole team of people I would rather strangle with my bear hands than agree to work with. Most of the bitches and assholes at work have been here since before I was even born. You … Continue reading Who knew Karma was watching?

I work with Kanye

We all have at least one person at work that we absolutely hate and who drives us crazy. No matter how awesome your work place is, there is always that one person. Well I have about..frankly, I dislike majority of the people I work with. Literally too many to count. They're all working in a … Continue reading I work with Kanye