I Just Realized My Guest Post Didn’t Have A Title

You know, the one I was supposed to write for Adi's blog The Happy Lifeaholic? Yeah, I left out the title. I'm so thick sometimes it's really embarrassing. But really, I'm not as good with titles as I am with making smart ass remarks. Really. Now head over to Adi's blog to read my guest … Continue reading I Just Realized My Guest Post Didn’t Have A Title


I Feel Like A Celebrity

Kinda sorta. I had my first blogger interview!!!! A very lovely blogger, Adi from the Happy Lifeaholic, interviewed me the other day. 20 questions, not much, but very carefully thoughout ones and ones that will give you an insight on how I am really like. So if you really wanna know me and see me … Continue reading I Feel Like A Celebrity

That time Tomahawk told everyone I had lice

Umm. Okay, I pretty much gave it all away in the title. Oh well. Head over to A Reflective Student's blog to read all about it! P.S this is the third time I have been a first-guest blogger. I must be really good if they all want me to be their first 😉

What’s that on my doormat?

Life in Bangkok was cool. It was like living a life of constant adventures and even though my life sometimes resembled a comedy sitcom, I still loved it. There was a time I was stuck with a shitty landlord (yes, there too), a house without basic life necessities ( and I mean really basic necessities). … Continue reading What’s that on my doormat?