High moment 

When you’re so depressed about life that the highest moment of the day is that you own the same piece of clothing as one of the stars from your favourite show. I don’t even like her. But her wardrobe is SPOT ON.

Excuse me, is my skinny-ness bothering you?

I don’t get offended when people comment on my weight. The amount of fuck they pretend to give is almost believable. Mostly, I couldn’t be arsed. But this time they went too far. Because of their worrying reviews on my physique, I was running around hospitals, calling my pervert doctor and spending hours analyzing my naked … More Excuse me, is my skinny-ness bothering you?

Love is ?

I literally grew up watching Grey’s anatomy. A lot of people (read, my family) assumed that my liking to the show had something to do with me becoming a doctor. Not true.  And let’s face it, it was more about Meredith’s love life then doctors dealing with patients all the time. There was an episode that has stayed … More Love is ?