Oh No You Didn’t (Ryan Gosling Style)

Google don't (yes, don't not doesn't) deal so well with long search words. I spent the whole day going through it's result for "How To Revenge From Your Manager Who Is A D***, Hated By Half Of The Department And Is A Complete Tool Because He Insulted Me In Front Of The Whole Lobby Yesterday" but … Continue reading Oh No You Didn’t (Ryan Gosling Style)


Excuse me, is my skinny-ness bothering you?

I don't get offended when people comment on my weight. The amount of fuck they pretend to give is almost believable. Mostly, I couldn't be arsed. But this time they went too far. Because of their worrying reviews on my physique, I was running around hospitals, calling my pervert doctor and spending hours analyzing my naked … Continue reading Excuse me, is my skinny-ness bothering you?

Blog Tember Challenge: Day Thirteen

Sept 29th: What are your go-to blogging resources? What would you recommend to a beginner? I'm a Google child. I'm sorry. Please, young, blooming bloggers, don't follow this. I goggle everything. Everything. I don't have a particular blog site that I go to. I just Google what I don't understand. Like I Googled the hell … Continue reading Blog Tember Challenge: Day Thirteen