How I feel about LGBT-themed movies

I recently saw ''Boy erased'' and ''Colette''. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REVIEW OF EITHER MOVIE BUT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. I saw ''Boy erased'' knowing the main subject of the movie. But with ''Colette'', I was only watching because of Kiera Knightly. I was not aware of the real story of ''Colette'' or ''Claudine''. As … Continue reading How I feel about LGBT-themed movies

Big Boys Don’t Cry

Three years ago, somewhere in the middle of sociology class, I had an epiphany. Hey! I should take up Gender Studies! It seemed like the most obvious thing to do. Any article online that had the word "gender" or "gay", awoke the curious rabbit inside of me who won't stop jumping until I had memorized … Continue reading Big Boys Don’t Cry

I am a fan of grown men in fur coats

As I was writing my Blog Tember Challenge talking about Westlife I had two flashbacks. One was of me, sitting in a room at the house in Lahore I grew up in, lying on the bed with the room locked, music on full volume. The other was an image of the girl who tortured me … Continue reading I am a fan of grown men in fur coats