The Belgian Fall

These are a list of Don'ts that should not be attempted under any circumstances, specially if you're a beautiful woman who has high self respect for herself. If you're like me, GOOD LUCK! 1. Challenge the universe when luck is not your side. After the Carl incident happened, I convinced my self that it was not … Continue reading The Belgian Fall


Karachi Cultural Festival at AFK

I had an amazing week. No, really, I did. I went to a cultural festival that was not too crowded and surprisingly, fun. L'hotel has been busy as fuck, crawling with foreigners from all over the world to see an exhibition of arms, ammunition and weapons, paying for ridiculously priced hotel rooms. Even the stupid event … Continue reading Karachi Cultural Festival at AFK

Liebster Award!

And just when I was wondering when the award season is going to come..I got nominated for the Liebster Award. AGAIN. By not one but TWO of my lovely blogger friends: The ever so sweet Britney and the wonderful Mishali. Thank you so much to both of you 🙂 The rules are as always: 1. … Continue reading Liebster Award!

Orange Shoes Talking and Hope

Hello lovelies! This is just a small update. I have changed my blog name to "Orange Shoes Talking" as of like, an hour ago. As much as I loved the idea behind "Un Papillon de misfit" (that's french for the misfit butterfly) the butterfly being my spirit animal and that I consider myself a misfit in … Continue reading Orange Shoes Talking and Hope

Enough with the Selfies!

I really don't need to give you a definition of a selfie. Everyone's knows what it is and some people's life isn't complete until they post selfies of everything they have done during the day on social feeds. Heck, you might be an addict too. But our G.M did need to mention what it means, in the … Continue reading Enough with the Selfies!

When your boss promotes his mistress

Okay so she's not exactly his mistress, just rumored to be. Several colleagues have witnessed them leaving work together and eyebrows have been raised over my boss's biased attitude towards her. But still, it's a strong word with a stronger meaning. I really shouldn't use it...too bad it makes for such a catchy title. The … Continue reading When your boss promotes his mistress