Let’s talk about Katy Perry

A few days ago, my mom sent me the following whatsapp message: Yes my mom knows who Katy Perry is. Kinda cool right? I think most parents will be horrified if they know their children listen to things like "I kissed a girl", but my mom isn't.  (Or maybe she hasn't heard that song yet). … Continue reading Let’s talk about Katy Perry

I have got these feelings for you

I do not like discriminating against certain nationalities but some people really give their countries a bad name. Pyramids, for example, works in our Finance department. Finance and Front Office is always at war so it is not surprising that Pyramids and I are not besties. Apart from that, he also suffers Stage 10 superiority complex. … Continue reading I have got these feelings for you

This is so wrong, but so good!

When I started this blog, I promised myself to keep my love life out of it. Today, as in, right now, I'm breaking that promise. It's not exactly about my love life. It's more about a love life that could happen as a result of this crush. So there's this guy and I have a small … Continue reading This is so wrong, but so good!