I Had An Epiphany

It's funny how seeing different things at different times of your life affects your differently. That's too much different for one sentence. But yeah, it really does. I watched Fracture for the sixth time yesterday. I love that movie. Usually, I'm more of a romantic comedy kind and occasionally an action flick lover, but you … Continue reading I Had An Epiphany

The Belgian Fall

These are a list of Don'ts that should not be attempted under any circumstances, specially if you're a beautiful woman who has high self respect for herself. If you're like me, GOOD LUCK! 1. Challenge the universe when luck is not your side. After the Carl incident happened, I convinced my self that it was not … Continue reading The Belgian Fall

I’m Just The Girl Who Fixed His Zipper

IThis December is so not going the way I wanted it to. Despite how I pride myself on not having any regrets at all, this month is making me go back and take another look at it. Do I really not regret anything? Not being honest with my first boyfriend about how much I always … Continue reading I’m Just The Girl Who Fixed His Zipper

Why you should only stalk but not add on Facebook

So I have been meeting a lot of nice foreigners at work lately.This week I met my crush, a guy from Canada and someone from France. It started in that order of importance. Funny how things change.   I was beyond excited about my crush arriving. The day of his arrival, I went to work … Continue reading Why you should only stalk but not add on Facebook