I am a fan of grown men in fur coats

As I was writing my Blog Tember Challenge talking about Westlife I had two flashbacks. One was of me, sitting in a room at the house in Lahore I grew up in, lying on the bed with the room locked, music on full volume. The other was an image of the girl who tortured me … Continue reading I am a fan of grown men in fur coats


I am not a people’s person

And I think I may have chosen the wrong career field. You see, my job requires me to be humble, an epitome of politeness, a breath of fresh air. The management pays me (poorly, though) to be the perfect lady, with the perfect smile, who laughs at the guest's funny (or not so funny) jokes … Continue reading I am not a people’s person

When life throws you bullies

I used to read articles online about bullying and how to stand up to bullies. Too bad I never paid attention. I thought I would never have to deal with one. But just because I never encountered a bully in high school didn't mean I wasn't going to meet one at work. It happened quite … Continue reading When life throws you bullies