Cuninglingus(almost) at work

Note: This post was originally titled Bonding with you boss but I changed it to Cuninglingus at work to attract all you naughty people. Ha ha. I never have a dull day at work. NEVER. No matter how bad my day is going, there will be always something  happening to make me laugh like a … Continue reading Cuninglingus(almost) at work

When your boss promotes his mistress

Okay so she's not exactly his mistress, just rumored to be. Several colleagues have witnessed them leaving work together and eyebrows have been raised over my boss's biased attitude towards her. But still, it's a strong word with a stronger meaning. I really shouldn't use it...too bad it makes for such a catchy title. The … Continue reading When your boss promotes his mistress

Male Red Riding Hood

My hotel's brand logo's color is red. Red as in dark red. Rouge. So at least one piece of clothing in our uniform has to be red. The girls wear red shirts while the boys have red ties. Mind you, their tie color totally sucks. It might just be the shade but I would have … Continue reading Male Red Riding Hood

Butt of the joke

The irritating co-worker was finally let go. Either my boss got his head out of his ass and accepted the girl's resignation. Or she convinced him that she was a spoiled brat who was too precious to waster her time working with us low-lifes. Either way, she's no longer coming and I couldn't be happier … Continue reading Butt of the joke