And I thought ”Why do I even blog?”

I was going through some old posts and I kept thinking about the time when I used to blog quite often. Somewhere along the way I stopped blogging. And now I want to get back into it. But every time I get inspired to write something, I am immediately brought down by the thought that … Continue reading And I thought ”Why do I even blog?”

Liebster Award Again!

I try to not obsess over it, but my stats for the last few days have been awesome. Seems y'all are being very good job at being loyal readers. Love y'all. I have been, yet again, nominated for the Liebster award by a very humble, very sweet blogger named Adi, whom all of you may … Continue reading Liebster Award Again!

Blog Tember Challenge: Day Three

Many many apologies for leaving out yesterday's Blog Tember Challenge Topic: I'm Passionate about _______. I know the whole point of this challenge is to get my tardy ass out of the chair I'm leaning in and getting me to pay attention to my blog, but alas. Yesterday was spent in bed recovering from a … Continue reading Blog Tember Challenge: Day Three

Blog Tember Challenge: Day One

I am not into the challenges that go on this site for the mere reason that I can't follow them. I don't know why; I was born this A blog tember challenge by a blogger called Brave Love caught my eye. She has a list of super fun topics you can write about. Do check … Continue reading Blog Tember Challenge: Day One